You know what they say, "cold hands, warm heart." Danika. 18. acting, music, horror movies and cold weather.
I dig the back a lot. #gotmahhairdid #newhair #longhairdontcare #salon #layers


Found an undeveloped roll of film from earlier this year. My intentions with the roll were to only shoot and practice multiple exposures. The majority of the shots came out terribly. As I flipped through the prints this one appeared and I was pretty satisfied. Going to have to start shooting more film. 

How gorgeous.


No but seriously one of my favorite memories of life was watching a fan jokingly tell Jensen that she’d hug him but she knows he doesn’t like hugs. He started pouting. He looked like a god damn kicked puppy. And then Jared swooped in from across the room and demonstrated what an actual tacklehug looks like. And Jensen almost hit the floor but he still hugged him back and had the dumbest grin on his stupid perfect face. And I just need a moment now excuse me.

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I. AM. EMOTIONAL. #divergentcosmetics #halp #HOLDME #divergent #sephora #makeup #thepackagingthough #ohmygod #iowndivergentmakeup



girls are amazing i just watched my friend change 8 times before picking an outfit you girls are so dedicated to looking good i can’t believe there are men out there sitting in their cum stained sweatpants trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear

thank you

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when girls think they are better than other girls because they are tomboys who engage in stereotypically “male” activities it makes me want to actually gouge my own eyes out because they are pretty much reinforcing the patriarchal idea that men are better than women without even realizing it and that is just incredibly sad

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